Galerie NIN (K.U.SCH. – Fokussile), 2007, Wien
Landhausgalerie Ausstellungsbrücke (K.U.SCH. – Assoziationskettenrallye), 2007, St. Pölten
Shenghua Arts Center (Superlife), 2007, Nanjing, China
Iberia Center for Contemporary Art (K.U.SCH. – Das Geschenk der Destruktion), 2007, Beijing, China
Austrian Cultural Forum (PAD), 2007, Rom, Italien
RCM Gallery (K.U.SCH. – Über den Wert der Wertlosigkeit), 2008, Nanjing, China
Künstlerhaus (sound:frame), 2008, Wien
Salon Projektionist, 2009, Wien
V-Port Museumsquartier, 2009, Wien
Tango (DEJ Digital Entertainment Jam), 2009, Beijing, China
Artothek (K.U.SCH. – Hokus-Fokus), 2010, Krems
G.A.S. Station (Das Ding), 2010, Berlin, Deutschland
Zs-Art Galerie (K.U.SCH. – Pattstücke), 2011, Wien
K/haus Hausgalerie (K.U.SCH. – Schnittstellen), 2012, Wien
Künstlerhaus (Zeit(lose) Zeichen), 2012, Wien
Porgy&Bess (K.U.SCH. – Mit oder gegen den Strich), 2013, Wien
Kunstwerkstatt Tulln (K.U.SCH. – Zeichen unter Zeichen), 2013, Wien
Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art (The Story of The Creative), 2013, New York, USA
GRAF+ZYX TANK (Live Videoanimation mit RITORNELL), 2013, Neulengbach
Centro Cultural de Belém (USIA), 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
Bvlgari (USIA – The Exclusive Exhibition), 2013, London, UK
Atelier Olschinsky (SITO / FORM . ICON . IMPACT), 2014, Wien
Austrian Cultural Forum (Time(less) Signs), 2014, London, UK
Zeitkunst Niederösterreich (K.U.SCH. – Eine Themenpalette), 2014, St. Pölten
Kunst in der Natur (La Lumière Française), 2015, Gars am Kamp/Wachtberg, Niederösterreich
A41 Galerie im Hof (K.U.SCH. – treib-gut), 2016, Wien
Alte Post (Take this Playground), 2017, Wien
Straihammer & Seidenschwann (K.U.SCH. – Am Rande des Etwas), 2017, Wien
Bujatti Villa (Zwischenwelten), 2017, Wien
GRAF+ZYX TANK (Strategische Komplemente VI), 2018, Neulengbach
Bildraum 07 (Im Genesungskontext), 2020, Wien
Kunst in der Natur (Global Village), 2020, Gars am Kamp/Wachtberg, Niederösterreich
Bildraum 07 (K.U.SCH. – Antinome Analogien), 2021, Wien
OUT NOW Liesing (ST&RUKTUR), 2022, Wien

Short Biography

Sito Schwarzenberger was born in 1976. His parents, both contemporary artists, moved from Vienna to the countryside in Lower Austria (Mostviertel), where he grew up the first 10 years – between Nature and Artworks. After living in Melk and Krems for some time he moved to Vienna when he was 18 and studied Graphic Design at «die Grafische».
When finished in 2001 he began studying Communication/Media Science, Art History and Film at the University of Vienna. Meanwhile he already worked as a Graphic Designer at the Creative Agency «Ichiban». In 2011 he received the Bachelor degree for Media and Communication Sciences.
Already since 2006 he began making Art, following his parents footsteps and becoming a member of their K.U.SCH. art group. Since then he participated in numerous exhibitions in various countries. Especially their multiple studio residencies in China had a substantial impact onto his life and artwork.
Sito’s artwork speaks future sign language, representing life with imaginary and pure digital forms – although from time to time mixed with analogue drawing and painting techniques – you could call it «pictogrammatic konstructivism».
Not to forget his abstract Projection Installations and his absurd Objects as well as conceptual Installations, tending from immersion to subtle criticism of society.

«Global Village» Installation at the Kunst in der Natur Symposion 2020, Am Wachtberg, Gars am Kamp, NÖ
Photo by Laurenz Lanik © 2020